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Hi Ryan,

5 days ago, I started the TMA EA on a demo account and till now it's running well.

I am satisfied with the current result.

Do I have to start it on a real account?

Thanks & Regards

Hi to everyone the followers. I am from Italy.  I Just tryed the Ryan's services this week...... I have only One Word..." Fantastic!   :-)))

- Nuovovideo

Using the correct TMA EA Settings!

This video goes over leverage and account size for those wanting to copy the TMA EA correctly. Understanding the settings here are VERY important!

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How Much Monthly Profit?

My STANDARD RISK settings average 9.35% profit monthly. My recommended maximum risk settings can average 18.70% monthly. 

Potential Risk?

My STANDARD RISK settings have a protective -10% total account loss cut-off. This means if floating loss hits -10%, all trades will close out for a realized loss.  The EA will then start to look for new trading opportunities. If we do experience a loss, we will likely be able to recover it profiting 9.35% the next month.

What Account Size Do You Need?

You will need at least a $1000, 500:1 leveraged account. You can also use a $2000, 200:1 account and at least a $6000, account when using a 50:1 leveraged account. 

What About The High Risk Settings?

The TMA EA is capable of running at higher risk. My MAXIMUM RISK  settings have an 18.70% average monthly profit while My MAXIMUM RISK settings also have a -20% total account loss cut-off.

Why Am I Asking You To Donate $25?

I've given years of my time, knowledge and tools to the trading community.  It's time I finally asked for a bit in return! $25 is really not that much to ask each month. Imagine trading on the minimum $1000 500:1 account option making 20% a month! That's a $200 profit you just made and you're not even giving me a 7% commission of that.

Setup Up The EA & Questions?

I'll be VERY busy from August 5th through October 25th. If you have questions during this time, realize it may take up to 48-72 hours for me to respond. Please try to figure out things on your own before contacting. 

If you already have a demo or live MT4 brokerage account, the setup won't take more than 5 minutes. If you don't already have a MT4 forex account, check out my recommendation below...

My Broker and VPS recommendations

Use my recommended Broker!


If you're interested in using one of my top recommended brokers, you can create a free account at TradersWay here. Choosing an MT4 account there with 500:1 leverage is recommended!

Need A Good Inexpensive VPS?


Spend only $8.89 a month for a very good reliable Virtual Server option. Join through me and get a 10% monthly discount! Discount code at checkout is "Ryan"

Questions Regarding My VPS and Broker?


Let me know if you have questions regarding the VPS and the broker I us. See the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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