RMI EA V7 just released!

This is the setup process for the older V5 of the RMI EA but the setup process should be the same. Watching this is necessary for setting up the RMI EA correctly!

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Requirements for using My EA!


At least 200:1 leverage broker using my EA

You can use the EA with 50:1 leverage but  instead of making 5-10% profit a month, you will likely make only 2-4%. You will also need at least a $2k account if you're using 50:1 leverage. The strategy is FIFO friendly though. You can use the EA at any broker with at least 50:1 leverage.

You will need at least a $1000 account size to use my EA

The EA requires at least $1000 and 200:1 leverage to be used. You can get away with using just $800 though. The lower your account size, the higher the risk of getting a margin call or blowing your account so keep that in mind. Make sure when using the attached set files, you're using at least 200:1 leverage. 


Make sure and set everything up correctly

Setting up the EA will only take 5 minutes for those that have some trading experience. For those starting from scratch, it will take you roughly 15 minutes including broker setup.

Learn to use the mt4 strategy tester so you can test my EA with previous market data!

You will need to be patient

It takes the EA and average of 24 hours to close out trades. Some trades can take up to 23 days before they are closed out for profit. You will need to be patient on the few trades that take longer to close. Remember, this is a NO STOP LOSS strategy so we need to wait for the market to move in our favor instead of closing trades out for loss.

Using a VPS is recommended

A virtual server will allow you to never lose connection to your broker or the market. This will allow you to not have to keep your computer on and connected to the internet at home or the office. It's important that we have an always connected to the internet server or or computer. This will maximize profit.

Don't intervene with the strategy/EA!

Don't close out trades on your own. This will likely cause unnecessary losses and could even mess up the EA's profit potential. If you have questions regarding trades, contact me.

recomended Broker and vPS option

Use My Recommended Broker!


If you're interested in using one of my top recommended brokers, you can create a free account at MyFXChoice here. Choosing an MT4 Pro account there with 200:1 leverage is recommended!


Need A Good Inexpensive VPS?


Spend only $5 a month for a very good reliable Virtual Server option. Join through me and get a 10% monthly discount! Discount code at checkout is "Ryan" 


Questions Regarding My VPS and Broker?


Let me know if you have questions regarding the VPS and the broker I us. See the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Downloads (V7 just released!)

The EA trades on the GBPCAD and AUDCAD M30 time frame only!

The version automatically changes the risk based on your account size.

This version includes the password in the set file! You no longer need to contact me for it!

RMI EA V7 (zip)


Understanding the EA settings

Here I talk about each setting and what it means. 

This video is only necessary for those that really want to break down and understand the EA.

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