How Does the Bbands forex EA work?

  • 650+ pips a month
  • FIFO compliant!
  • Trades 20-30 times a day
  • Profit can be scaled up to 20+% a month!
  • Can be used at US based (regulated) brokers
  • Scalping strategy
  • Average trade length for each trade is just 90 minutes
  • Can be used broker accounts sizes of just $500
  • As low as -1.93% DD (trading with 50:1 leverage)

Check out the latest (low risk) Stats Here!

Profit Can Be Scaled Up To +20% A Month!


500:1 broker  leverage is recommended  to achieve +20% a month!

How to copy the Bbands Forex EA free for 7 days?

Free 7 day Trial of the BBands Forex EA!

 For a limited time, I'm giving out a 7 day free trial of the BBands EA!

  1.  Contact me with your name and email! Title the email "Free BBands Trial".
  2.  I'll send you the copier software that you can use on ANY mt4/mt5 forex broker account within 1-24 hours!
  3.  After 7 days, you will need to send me a MONTHLY donation of your choice to continue using the BBands copier. 

Recommended donation amount after 7 days is $20-$100 a month. The amount is completely up to you though! Send what you can afford or what you think the forex EA is worth. Surprise me! :)

You will be able to use the BBands forex EA at ANY risk level you desire! Want to make +2% or +20% or more a month? It's all up to you! The software allows for you to increase the risk level.

(Note, the email you give will NOT be added to an email list! It will ONLY be used to send the copier software! If you want to join my email list, you can do that on my HOME page)

BBands Forex EA Account Requirements!

  • At least 50:1 leverage
  • The BBands EA is FIFO compliant!
  • An ECN account with lower spreads
  • 500:1 leverage recommended minimum account size is $1k
  • 250:1 leverage recommended minimum account size is $2k
  • 100:1 leverage recommended minimum account size is $5k
  • 50:1 leverage recommended minimum account size is $10k

How To increase The BBands Copier Risk Settings?

  1. Download the copier software I send to your email
  2.  within your software, click "options" then "terminal options" then "use custom lot size" then Proportional lot based on source/reciever equity ratio".  If you would like to risk 10X what  am, change this to  setting to"10.00"

You can use the BBANDS forex EA copier on any demo or live account!

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